Getting Started in Golf

his swingThe very first steps.
The first question you need to ask is, “what kind of golf clubs should I get when I’m getting started?” Certainly, the brand new set of shiny and expensive ones catch your eye but they may not be the ones you need. Yes, they look great, but, you must keep in mind that every golfer has a different build, natural rhythm and inherent ability. Since you are getting started and do not know what your natural level is; this means, you don’t know which set of clubs is best for you. Imagine the embarrassment if you arrive at the first tee with your fancy bag and “best of line” clubs costing in the four figure range only to hack your way to the first green. Instead of a fancy set, get a starter. This should consist of four irons 5, 7, 9 and a sand wedge, a putter plus two woods. These usually are a driver and a three wood. If you want great advice to learn about these starters, visit

Before you rush out and buy your very own set have a talk with your buddies who golf, the local driving range operator or the pro at a local golf club. With a few questions I guarantee the advice returned will be worthwhile. Golfers are exceptionally enthusiastic about their sport and will offer suggestions at the drop of a hint of interest. Best of all, you can usually borrow a few of the needed irons to start practicing the fine art of hitting the golf ball.

There are two schools of thought on which club to start practice with. One says the five iron. This is a medium distance club, about 150 yards or so, with a fairher swing degree of loft, good distance and moderate difficulty to swing effectively. The other is the nine iron or wedge. These are the shortest clubs with high loft and modest distance, usually inside 100 yards, and the easiest to use. Whichever route you take, the best advice is - decide after discussing it with a golf pro. Getting a sound base from which to learn the sport is the best advice anyone can give and that base is, begin with a golf pro, take a few lessons then practice, practice, practice. If you follow this path, the pro will have loaners in stock and will guide you to the best type of club for your particular needs and you will play your first round at a level that is fun. Most driving ranges have clubs for hire so you can try some alternatives. While there, talk to others about how they started; you will have lots of great stories and probably find they have extra golf sets at home because they made the mistake of deciding before trying out the range of choice.

When you are getting close to deciding, be sure to consider a starter package. One of the best places to search for a terrific range of men, women and youngsters clubs is 3Balls. Take the golf pro’s advice and find the best match for your level of play.  Listen to his advice, it's well worth the effort.

Be patient:

  1. Don’t buy an expensive set of golf clubs to start.
  2. Begin with a few lessons from a golf pro. This will help reduce the errors that tend to creep in to your game.
  3. Spend time on the driving range and develop your swing before playing your first round.
  4. Practice, practice, practice.
  5. Go to the USGA site and learn some of the basic rules and golf etiquette.

Remember, there is only one Tiger Woods, the rest of us just have fun!

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