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Since 1967, Golfsmith International, Inc. through its 47 stores and on-line shopping ensures golfers get the most innovative golf products, reliable customer service and the greatest value in the golf retail industry.  Most golfing items are below manufacturers suggest price.  Everyone here is dedicated to giving you the ultimate in-store support and the best on-the-golf course experience.

Golfsmith has some of the best golfing specials on the market. They are listed on the first page with the other specials for your convenience!

Custom Fitting

Because many golfers have unique needs, Golfsmith is now the only retailer to design and market custom-fit golf clubs and golf club components under proprietary brands.  Golfsmith continues to invest in this line of business delivering real value and leading-edge innovation.

setupClicking on "Golfsmith" above, connects you to the items you need information about.  Once you are in their shop, the only selection you need make is: decide on the manufacturer and specific price range to supply a score reducing addition to your golf bag.  Because of your unique requests, Goldsmith remains committed to designing, testing and creating innovative custom-fit golf club components for consumers and club makers.

Goldsmith remains the only golf retailer to design and market custom-fit clubs, forged golf irons to your specifications, golf club components, club assembly tools and golf accessories under proprietary brands, which include Lynx®, Snake Eyes®, Golfsmith®, Harvey Penick® and Killer Bee®.  To help you achieve a meaningful return on your golf investments, Golfsmith also conducts year-round training programs for custom golf club makers and run the GolfTEC Game Plan, a most effective and popular program.  It includes a Swing Evaluation, sequential lessons with your Certified Personal Coach, TECfit club fitting, video-based practice and mobile lessons. The name of the plan is based on its duration in months and number of lessons.  For example, 3/10 is a 3-month plan that includes 10 lesson credits.


The experts at Golfsmith have put together comparison charts, helpful tips, newschart about the latest trends in the industry and much more - all to help you make the right choices for your game.  Read about the benefits of using hybrid clubs, when it's best to tee off with taller tees, how state-of-the-art forging of golf irons and driver technology can affect your game and using pre-owned clubs, plus much more.  It doesn’t get any better than this for the golfer!

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Have a great round!

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